Tuesday Jun 06, 2023

SRS PODCAST (#13): Is it wiser to train in the afternoon or the early evening to sleep better? The role of chronotype in young adolescent athletes (w/ Dr. Brendan Gabriel) + SRS Club Hypnos Data Blitz

Episode Summary:

In this month’s episode Jesse Cook (Host) sits down with Dr. Brendan Gabriel to discuss the recently published paper in the journal SLEEP by Dr. Oussama Saidi, Dr. Pascale Duché, Dr. Brendan Gabriel, and colleagues that examined the effect of the timing of high-intensity exercise (afternoon vs. evening) on the sleep, sleepiness, and psychological well-being of adolescent athletes. Additionally, this investigation demonstrated the influential role of circadian type (“chronotype”) on the observed relationships.  Here is a link to the article on the SLEEP journal website.

In addition to the interview, this episode also features the 2023 SRS Club Hypnos Data Blitz. An overview of Club Hypnos and the associated data blitz is provided, along with recognition of this year’s participants. To close, the episode includes data blitz-esque overviews of the research presented at the actual data blitz from some of this year’s participants.





(00:49) – Episode Structure Overview

(02:32) – Orientation to Topic of Focus for This Episode’s Interview

(06:43) – Brief Biography on Dr. Brendan Gabriel

(07:45) – Beginning of Guest Interview with Dr. Brendan Gabriel

(10:01) – Dr. Gabriel’s Journey into Sleep and Circadian Research

(24:26) – Keyword Association!

(35:08) – 10,000 Foot View of the Paper: Rationale, Methodology, and Findings

(50:24) – A Deeper Dive into the Scientific Weeds (DDSW)

(51:17) – DDSW: Chronotype vs. Circadian/Diurnal Preference

(57:16) – DDSW: Proximal and Distal Directions of Circadian Rhythm Research

(59:03) – DDSW: Differential Dynamics Between First 3-Hours and All-Night Outcomes

(1:01:56) – DDSW: Translation of Findings Across Other Zeitgebers

(1:04:41) – DDSW: Moderating Role of Habitual Entrainment – Influence of Sport Type

(1:08:11) – DDSW: Interindividual Differences in Sensitivity of the Circadian Rhythm to Exercise

(1:11:08) – DDSW: How can we implement these findings practically?

(1:21:40) – Episode Transition: Overview of SRS Club Hypnos Event at the Annual Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS) SLEEP Meeting and Associated Data Blitz

(1:23:38) – The 2023 SRS Club Hypnos Data Blitz Participants

(1:24:48) – Dr. Alexandria Muench: The Effect of CBT-I Dose on Sleep Outcomes in Cancer Survivors at 3-month Follow-up

(1:26:10) – Dr. Mohini Bryant-Ekstrand: Development and validation of low-level Transcranial Electrical Stimulation to enhance slow oscillations during human NREM sleep

(1:27:13) – Dr. Diego Mazzotti: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Symptom Subtypes and Hypoxic Burden Independently Predict Distinct Cardiovascular Outcomes

(1:29:57) – Dr. Xiaopeng Ji: The Relationship between Sleep and Metabolic Syndrome in Late Adolescents: Racial Differences

(1:32:21) – Dr. Sheila Garland: Effect of virtual cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia on perceived cognitive functioning among cancer survivors

(1:34:58) - Thank you, Acknowledgments, and Outro


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2023 SRS Club Hypnos Data Blitz Participants:

Translational: Xiaopeng Ji, Emily Hohman, and Philip Cheng

Clinical: Sheila Garland, Diego Mazzotti, Emerson Wickwire

Basic: Saurabh Thosar, Brienn Satterfield, Mohini Bryant-Ekstrand

Trainee: David Reichenberg, Alexandria Muench, Yuqi Shen


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